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Italian Pizza

Authentic Pizza – Our Difference 

Many of the dishes referred to as ‘pizza’ around the world are mass produced with very little love in the process. Our approach is different. Rather than frozen dough, heavily processed sauces packed with preservatives and cheeses of dubious origin, we serve the real deal. We use simple, fresh vegetables, carefully selected local meats and seafoods and our doughs are crafted on site by hand. It’s the way things have been done for centuries and we’re proud to continue the tradition.

Large Pizza Range

Italian pasta

Authentic Pasta & Sides – Our Difference

Feel free to explore beyond our amazing pizza menu and try our delectable range of pastas and sides. We bring the same dedication to freshness and real Italian flavours to a host of savoury classics, some of which you may already know and others, we’d love to introduce you to.



Italian Desserts

Italian Dessert Range

Ricotta & Chocolate
Sicillian Cannolis

French Custard &
Caramelised Cherries

Crunchy Shells

Tiramisu or

Dessert items are available on a rotating menu.
Please call or visit us in store to confirm which desserts are currently available.


Drinks Range

600mL Bottle
Schweppes Varieties

375mL Can
Schweppes Varieties

We have a wide range of Schweppes softdrinks available in both 600mL bottles and 375mL cans.
Please callor visit in store to confirm which drinks are currently available.